Kicker Concept

kicker table

A rough concept for a group project - To build an amazing Table Football Set (Kicker, as it's also known). It's a fun game and would make a nice addition to the Fab Lab or could be donated to a local charity. All the cool kids are getting into Kicker, have a look at these fellows.


On the surface this is an ambitious project but when you break it down, Kicker tables consist of a lot of really basic shapes.

kicker table


Flat piece of wood, probably the maximum size of the laser cutter should do it. We could do a vector engraving for the lines.

kicker table

Walls x4

Rectangular with gaps for goals, poles. Bit more work here: building the wall joints and lining up the various cuts

kicker table

Players x14

Cut a thicker piece of wood or 3D print on heavier material. Plenty of scope for funny characters.

kicker table

Player poles x 6

The poles could be made of something as simple as a mop handle or a polished tree branch.

kicker table

Handles x 6

Second-hand bike grips maybe

kicker table

A round ball

None of your elongated ellipse balls here. Could be 3D printed on nice light material...

kicker table kicker table kicker table kicker table

Legs x4

Sturdy enough to support the Kicker proceedings.

Optional extras

kicker table

Score System x2

Small wood/plastic cubes on a wooden rail, engrave numbers (1-5)